A New Beginning

I will fully admit it. I have been a Christian since 1998. Since then, my Christian walk hasn’t grown that much at all. Well that is about to change! On December 13th, I decided to make a change. Several things happened that day.

1) My wife and I decided to live outside our box and tithe for the first time. That may be something that isn’t that big of a deal for you, but for us it was. I myself became unemployed on December 3rd, cutting my wife and I’s income in half. So tithing for us then was a huge leap of faith for us.

2) That night, my wife and I went to a Christmas party with some of our friends in our small group. At the Christmas party, a devotional was presented. In that devotional, the man leading it challenged us to live by a specific scripture.

Romans 8:15 (The Message)

This resurrection life you received from God is not a timid, grave-tending life. It’s adventurously expectant, greeting God with a childlike “What’s next, Papa?”

That message really sparked something in me to deepen my life with Christ.

3)Upon being challenged with that message, I decided to start doing a quiet time. Sure you say to yourself, that isn’t easy to do. Since being a Christian, I have never had a quiet time. So I have decided to read Job and also start reading Francis Chan’s Forgotten God.

4) Today I am starting a blog about my adventures with God. Yeah, I have had blogs previously, but never a Christian one. We will see what happens on this journey.

Until next time readers, God Bless!

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