Questioning God

In Job 3, we find a different side of Job than we have seen in  previous chapters. We find a Job that is questioning his existence. He questions go as far to even ask why he was born.

Job 3:11-15 (The Message)

11 “Why didn’t I die at birth,
my first breath out of the womb my last?

12 Why were there arms to rock me,
and breasts for me to drink from?

13 I could be resting in peace right now,
asleep forever, feeling no pain,

14 In the company of kings and statesmen
in their royal ruins,

15 Or with princes resplendent
in their gold and silver tombs.

I believe that sometimes it is ok to question God. I think God expects us to. The questioning though should have a limit to it though. If you question God too much, then you aren’t fully relying on what God’s plan entails.

Lord I pray today that I as a person trust you more and more each day. Through reading your word and living through you, I hope to become a more faithful Christian.

Until next time readers, God Bless!

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One thought on “Questioning God

  1. I would like to leave you with a few thoughts, about questioning God. Neale Donald Walsch is not the only one who has conversations with God. I have been journaling, talking, questioning and getting answers from God for some time now. We all can talk (or journal) to God if we accept that we are always in union, not separated from God.

    When you develop this conscious ability you can put your questions directly to God. It has worked for me and in my blog, I explain how the process worked for me. I write a blog called, … Check it out.

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