Trusting Him

As the evening comes to an end, I wanted to come on here and share something that happened yesterday that has never happened to me before. I got a sign from God. Not that I have ever really doubted the existence of God before, but this just made my faith in Him jump.

I don’t want to sound like I am boasting about what happened, because I am not. I just want to share how God is moving in my wife and I’s life.

In my first post on this blog, I mentioned to you that my wife and I had never tithed before and had decided to for the first time last weekend. Me being unemployed our finances are pretty tight. Even in that circumstance, we decided to trust God with our finances.

While checking the mail yesterday, I only found one thing. The only piece of mail that was in there was an envelope with a printed label of my wife and I’s name and address. I opened it up thinking that was a Christmas letter or something, and found a single sheet of paper that said, ” May this bless you during this Season”. I thought to myself, ” How odd.” As I went to walk away, I saw a $100 bill lying on my shoe. This was the same amount that my wife and I had tithed a few days before hand. There wasn’t a name or anything on the note, nor a return address.

All I have to say is, God is truly amazing.

Until next time readers, God Bless!

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