New Year’s Resolution Countdown

Afternoon readers! I hope everyone had a safe and good Christmas last week. My wife and I made it into where we were going around 4pm on Christmas day. Granted we left Christmas Eve. A normal 3 hour trip took about 12 hours. What a great way to spend our first Christmas as a married couple. We will always remember it!

With the remaining five days of 2009, I wanted to share with you five resolutions for 2010 that I am going to try really hard to follow.

Resolutions (#1)

When I was younger, I was, well, the tall, skinny, nerd kind of kid. Around 8th grade, things started to change. Due to my health, I had to start taking steroids. If you know anything about steroids, they make you gain weight if you don’t exercise. So, as you can probably guess, I didn’t exercise and I gained a lot of weight. By the time a graduated from high school, I was 6’1″ and weighed about 230.

Well in the last ten years, I have put on about another 45-50 lbs. I really have no excuse, other than I haven’t really taken care of myself. In the coming year, I want to lose weight and get healthier. This isn’t just for my sake. I want to do this for my wife, and for my future kids.  I want to be around for them, and be active in their lives.

So.. Anyone willing to follow this path with me?

Until next time readers, God Bless!

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