How Jesus Saved My Life

Before I jump into my new study of Francis Chan’s Forgotten God, I wanted to share my testimony. The title of this post is “How Jesus Saved My Life” because I truly believe that He has and will continue to.

Growing up in a small town in northern Oklahoma, my parents were all about me growing up in church. I was raised in the Methodist church and was involved in everything imaginable. I was in the children choir, Sunday school, etc. I even went through a program in Cub Scouts called God and Me and God and Family. In the eyes of the Methodist church, I was “saved” upon being baptized as a small child. When I was in 6th grade, I went through a class called Confirmation. This class basically initiated me into the church as a full member. Once I went through that class, my parents stopped going to church. As they stopped going, I stopped going. I didn’t step foot back into a church until I was a sophomore in high school.

I was in choir in high school. There was a girl that I was interested in that was in choir with me. Her family was in a major car accident that had killed her mother. I asked this girl to go to the town’s Christmas production. She agreed, gave me her number and went on her way. When I called her to set up everything, she told me that she wouldn’t be able to come, but if I wanted, I was invited to her church production that she was in. I told her I would be there. I went and enjoyed the production. While I was there, I saw that a lot of the people my age there were in choir with me at school. I started attending their youth group, and then Sunday service as well. I became a regular at that church. For the record, that girl and I never ended up dating. God had put her in my life for a reason, but not for the means of romance.

On September 1, 1998, I went to a drama production with the youth group called “Heaven’s Gates and Hells Flames”. That production spoke directly to me. At the end when a pastor called for people who wanted to be saved, I went and committed my life to Jesus. A year later I joined the church.

In the last twelve years, I have been through up’s and down’s. I have questioned God for doing things in my life that I myself didn’t understand. But the one thing I have realized is that God does things for a reason. If I wasn’t where God put me, I wouldn’t be or have the things I have today. I don’t believe I would be married to a wonderful woman, or even be in Oklahoma City.

I am excited for what God has for me in the future. I apologize that this post was a longer than normal one, but I wanted to share some of my background with you.

Until next time readers, God Bless!

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One thought on “How Jesus Saved My Life

  1. March 1982

    So, here is my story. I was in college at Kent State University, in Ohio. I met a girl I thought was “the one”. We dated for some months only to find out she was a “run around Sue”. This crushed my heart and upon severing ties with her, I ran to my dorm room, fell on my bed and burst into tears for hours. Unable to relieve the pain, in passing I just cried out, “Jesus bring me peace”. In an instant he touched me, healed me and delivered me from the pain as well as revealed himself, in his loving fullness as the answer to everything on the face of this earth, what I was searching for all my life though I knew it not until then. Full love, full acceptance. No more searching. Valued beyond my wildest dreams!
    The rest of my life now begun.

    In a small way, kinda “Pauline” in the type of revelation given to me, at least I was not blinded!
    When one meets Jesus, it is a fiat accompli to a broken heart.
    He is risen with all consuming love for us all.

    Just stumbled upon this site today. Are you certain the Lord wants this site to end? Perhaps this site should be converted into a site for shared salvation stories. Food for thought. Follow only him.

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