Just Stop and Think

Morning readers! Today is another day that has been given to you by Him. I hope that it has been great so far. We have one more chapter in Francis Chan’s Forgotten God to go, but I wanted to share my thoughts at the moment.

With the crazy, non-stop world we live in today, do you ever sit back and take a moment to just stop and think? Do you even have the time to really think about the actions you take day in and day out?

As I get older, a statement my dad said to me as a child becomes more and more clear.

“Think before you act.”

I recently watched a video that Francis Chan called “Just Stop and Think” and it really made me, well, stop and think. It is 15 minutes long, so turn up your speakers, gather the family, and watch the following video. It will forever change you life!

Until next time readers, God Bless!

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4 thoughts on “Just Stop and Think

  1. Great post – I haven’t watched the video yet . . . but I often think about how we have lost the art of reflection and how valuable it truly is. As I have made time to reflect it has made such a difference.


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