Extreme Makeover Home Edition

GOOOOOD MORNING READERS!! I know that wasn’t as great as Ty Pennington does it when he knocks on the family’s door, but I tried.

Anyway, I just wanted to come on here and share what I get to do today. I get to go volunteer for an Extreme Makeover Home Edition build here in the Oklahoma City metro area. How cool is that? This is day five of the build, and I have heard with all the snow and rain that Oklahoma has had lately, that it is really muddy and crazy out at the build.

This is the Skaggs Family. They live on a ranch in the south central part of Oklahoma. The little guy has a heart condition that made him have a transplant at 10 months old. Read the full story here.

Please pray that this home is a blessing for this family, and that God is shown through the works of all the volunteers.

Until next time readers, God Bless!

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One thought on “Extreme Makeover Home Edition

  1. That’s a pretty cool opportunity. We had an EMHE build a few years ago back in Clarksville, TN, from where we moved. It was an awesome blessing to a Iraqi War veteran who had been injured in combat. I hope you are a blessing to this family.

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