Music Monday — Radio and You

Good afternoon readers! Today is Music Monday! What radio station do you listen to? What genre of music do you enjoy the most?

I have been asked these questions over the last week, so I thought I would make this a blog post for Music Monday.

Currently, I am tuned into Air 1. Here in Oklahoma City, it is 90.9, but it is broadcast in over 200 stations in North America, and online at If you aren’t familiar with Air 1, it is a Christian radio station that plays more Christian rock than any other form of Christian music.

Now when it comes to the genre of music that I like the most, I really don’t have one particular one. I like all sorts of music, and have a pretty big collection that contains a wide variety.

So readers, what do you like? What radio station is currently playing in your car?

Until next time readers, God Bless!

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One thought on “Music Monday — Radio and You

  1. I love Air1!!!
    I listen to Klove as well.
    But at home, I listen to my own personal playlist.
    Some of my favorite Chrisitan bands are :
    Stellar Kart & Needtobreathe
    Red & Skillet
    Relient K & Nevertheless

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