News Wednesday — Wrong Number Saves the Day!

Good afternoon readers! Today is News Wednesday, and I have a story for you. Ever have someone call you and it was a wrong number, or you yourself dial a wrong number? It has happened to each and every one of us. What if that wrong number helped save a life though. Check out the story below originally found here.

Astonishing Coincidence Saves Baby from Abortion in Indianapolis

Commentary by David Bereit, National Coordinator, 40 Days for Life

March 9, 2010

I know you’re familiar with the old saying, “God works in mysterious ways.” Please sit down and read this whole story. Our God of mystery has outdone Himself this time!

A young woman in Indianapolis, Indiana — we’ll call her Erin — woke up, saw her kids off to school, dropped her preschoolers at a friend’s house … and noticed that she was late for an appointment …

… at Planned Parenthood …

… for an abortion.

So Erin picked up her phone and called to see if could still come in. She thought she was calling Planned Parenthood. In her haste, she dialed a wrong number.

Instead of Planned Parenthood, she got Joseph … who was answering the cell phone that’s being used by …

… get ready for this now …

… 40 Days for Life in Indianapolis!!!

Joseph took a deep breath and tried to be as calm as possible. He took Erin’s name and number and simply said that a counselor would call her back.

So Elizabeth, the counselor, called Erin. Elizabeth begged her not to hang up, and then explained that she had not reached Planned Parenthood. Asked if she was a Christian, Erin said “yes.” So Elizabeth told her that God’s grace was at work in this “wrong number” situation.

So what had led Erin to the abortion center? Simply put — desperation. She has four children, their father is in jail, she had lost her job, her electricity is about to be shut off, and she doesn’t have enough money to pay the rent.

Later, Erin arrived at Planned Parenthood with her aunt. The aunt told counselors she opposed the abortion, but Erin’s mother and sister insist it’s the best answer. They say Erin just can’t handle another child.

In the meantime, Elizabeth had spread the word about Erin’s situation. A volunteer offered to pay her electric bill. Ten others pooled their cash to pay her rent.

Eileen in Indianapolis says a local group is now working with Erin to help her find a job. “She has a lot of potential,” Eileen said, “but needs support since her mother and sister are still encouraging her to abort the baby.”

Erin has reacted with both joy and disbelief that strangers were helping her. She has called Planned Parenthood to cancel her appointment and request a refund.

Please keep Erin and her family — and all those helping her — in your prayers.

So, you see? God DOES work in mysterious ways. There are no coincidences … and in this case, no wrong numbers!


So readers, was this an act of God or what? Have you ever experienced an event like this in your life?

Until next time readers, God Bless!

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One thought on “News Wednesday — Wrong Number Saves the Day!

  1. Imagine that – this is my first time on Twitter and your tweet was the very first one caught my eye. I agree there are no co-incidences. I will ask my small faith community that meets every Tuesday to pray for Erin and her little one. Thanks for the heartwarming story !

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