Feature Friday— Where Change Takes Place

Good morning readers! Today is Feature Friday! There is a blog that I read almost everyday, and really enjoy it. It is written by Pastor Mike Farra of North Point Christian Church. Here is the link to his blog. Click here. He is the pastor at the church my wife grew up in. The following post is from Feb. 28, 2010.

Where change takes place

this is a good way to start today…

i saw that the kingdom must be interior before it can be exterior…that it is a kingdom of ideas and not one of brute force… that his rule is over hearts, not over places… that his victories must be inward before they can be outward…that he seeks to control spirits rather than bodies…that no triumph could satisfy him but a triumph that gains the heart…that in short, where god really reigns, the surrender must be in the interior of the convicted free man and not merely in the outward surrender of the conquered slave.   – hannah whitall smith

how’s that for truth?


Wow.. What a powerful quote. Go check out Mike’s blog for more awesome posts like these.

Until next time readers, God Bless!

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