Thoughts on Thoughts

Hello readers! You probably were wondering where I have been, or what I am doing. I decided to not blog last week, and kind of reflect on some ideas going on in my mind.

A lot of the ideas that I had going on in my head were those that fit into the category of my relationship with God.

Yesterday at Pastor Rodney gave a great talk on what and how the disciples did after Jesus was crucified. It made me think of what I was doing for God. The reality of the fact was, well, not too much. crucifixion

After church yesterday, it hit even harder at the small group I attend. “What are you doing for God?” kept echoing in my head. For all that He has done for me, especially recently, my life doesn’t reflect any of that.

So readers, looking into the future, this blog will have some changes. I don’t know what they are right now, but I hope you trust that God is going to be behind them.

I leave you with just one question.

“What are you doing for God in your life?”

Until next time readers, God Bless!

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