Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Good morning readers! I hope everyone is doing well this morning.

Today I wanted to talk about sports. I am a huge sports fan. Although I don’t enjoy every kind of sport out there, I am die-hard when it comes to baseball and college football. College football season is getting ready to start, and the baseball season is sadly winding down.

This morning I wanted to talk about the athletes that actually play the sports.

When you see athletes point towards the heavens after they hit a home run, score a touchdown, or whatever, what does that make you think? Do you assume they are just showing off and acting like a Christian, or do you think they are actually praising God?

I know I don’t know that person’s heart or story, but half the time I think they are just showing off. I like that they are trying to show praise to God. However, more people should be giving Him the praise.

If you are a Christian athlete, do you show Him the praise for what you do on the field? If not, why not?

I am just curious on what people think.

Athlete or not, we should be giving God the praise for everything, good or bad.

Until next time readers, God Bless!

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