Life is Short..

Good evening readers. I hope you are doing well tonight.

Tonight I wanted to talk about life and death. I know that is a really serious subject for a lot of us, but I has just been on my mind lately.

The thoughts were sparked from a song I heard on the radio today calledBlink”. Click on the link to play the song and read the lyrics.

In the lyrics, it describes how short life is and how within a blink of an eye, God can take us from this great Earth. It also made me think about how precious life is. A few questions came to mind as I listened to this song.

Am I taking advantage of the time I have here?

How am I using my time wisely?

Am I witnessing to people?

Am I loving others the way the Christ wants me to?

So many things were brought to mind.

I think it was maybe an eye opener for me.

I dunno… What do you think?

Until next time readers, God Bless!

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