What’s in a Name?

Good afternoon readers. I hope everyone is having a great week so far.

I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook a minute ago, and a blog post idea came to me after watching a video a friend had posted.

Todays question that I have for you is:

What is a name?

Have you ever thought about why your parents named you the name they did? Do you even know what your name means?

Many people are named after a person in the Bible, or even a family member. Some people are named after a movie star, or singer.

In some cultures, a name defines the person who has the name. Does a person’s name make their personality? I am not an expert by no means, but I believe the person makes his/her own personality.

Watch the following video and let me know what you think. Would you go this far in naming your child?

So… What are your thoughts? Is the father justified in naming his child that way?

Until next time readers, God Bless!

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