What is Lent?

Good evening everyone! I hope everyone is doing well this evening! I have been thinking of some blog topics, and will get to them shortly, but tonight I wanted to share something I found on another blog.

Lent starts tomorrow, so I thought I would share something in regards to that. What am I giving up for lent? I have not clue. Really I have never “celebrated” Lent. I know I probably should, being a Christian and all, but I really don’t.

Anyway.. Enjoy the following post. It is from Damien Parks.

What is LENT?

Since the earliest days of the Christian church LENT has been a season of searching, repentance, and reflection. This forty day period (excluding Sundays) imitates the forty day period spent in the ark by Noah, the period of time spent in the wilderness by Israel and it is through this period an individual also imitates the time Jesus spent in isolation in the wilderness.

These forty days are an invitation to renewal. LENT is not simply a time to give up a vice or make a simple diet change but rather a call to preparation as we approach the celebration of resurrection. It is on Easter that one experiences renewal but through this season of preparation an individual experiences the giving up of everything. This season can take on many forms, social, personal, internal, external. For it is through this forty-day season we are called to truly experience what the human struggle is all about. Throughout the course of this time spent time each and everyday focusing on a few of the following:

– Time of solitude each day.
– Keep a journal reflecting on some of the things you are reading, learning, etc.
– Read a book for inner reflection and growth.
– Focus on the other instead of the personal ask in prayer.
– Make a list of people what you need to be reconciled with.
– Forgive
– Let go of a grudge
– Say “no” to something that is a waste of money, time, etc.
– Find and be a voice for those that have no voice
– Ask others to join you in this season.
– Love.

Are you ready to enter into a season of renewal? What are the next steps for you?


Until next time readers, God Bless!

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