Pull The Plug!

Hello again readers! I hope ou are doing great today!

Yesterday at my church (NorthChurch.tv), we celebrated our 10 year anniversary. The sermon was AMAZING! I always like hearing Pastor Rodney speak. Below is a picture of what the outside of the church looked like.

I kind of wanted to touch on what was talked about. I have considered myself a Christian since 1998. There have been times where I was on fire for God, and following in His steps. There have also been times where I was very distant from God, and could care less about what He wanted for my life.

In the sermon yesterday, the biggest thing that got me was the analogy that my Pastor mentioned about life support and death. Death is apart of life. There is no stopping it. You, myself, and everyone that exists will die. What a lot of Christians don’t grasp, is that when we become a Christian, we have to spiritually die, before we physically die.

What do I mean by that? Basically, when you become a Christian, your life should be transformed. You are a new person. The things you do should be radically different now that you have Jesus in your life. Of course, like myself, there will be struggles. I guess what I and a lot of us need to do is… Pull The Plug! Disconnect from our old life and die spiritually. Until we do so, we will never know the true greatness that God has in store for us.

Are you ready to pull the plug?? I am.

Until next time readers, God Bless!

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