Buying Time

blog-Feb13-600x300 Good afternoon readers! As I said in a tweet earlier this morning, I want to apologize for the lack of posts recently. My new nephew was in town from California, so my time online was limited. So, let’s pick up from where I left off. This post will finish out chapter 1 of The Dude’s Guide to Manhood by Darrin Patrick.

What if time travel existed? What if there was a shop where you could extend a certain day to be more than 24 hours. Unfortunately, those things don’t exist. But there is a way to “buy time”. It is with the choices you make.

Throughout my childhood and even now, I have  heard the phrase “Make use of the time you have. You don’t know how much you have left.” How do you spend your time? Do you sit on the couch and let time just pass you by, or do you make good decisions with it? I myself have my days. Some days I just wanna sit on the couch and do nothing. What does that get me? Nothing. If I make good use of my time by being productive, I feel like I have accomplished something for that day.

Determined men realize that they have twenty-four hours in a day, and if they waste time it is because they intend to do so. Determined men take time seriously and are very intentional about how they use it.– Darrin Patrick

You only have one life. Make good use of it.

Until next time readers, God Bless!

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