Taxes.. Oh How You Are Hated

Good morning readers! Today is tax day if you are in the United States. Have you got those taxes in? If not, you have till midnight to post-mark them.

Each year, the dreaded taxes come around, and each year the whining comes out as well.  Here in the USA, tax evasion costs our country millions upon millions of dollars because people choose not to pay their taxes. People loathe the accountant and tax collector. This isn’t any different then what occurred back in Jesus’s time.

But as some of you know, Jesus loved the tax collector. He made it a point to hang out with them. He even made one his disciple.

Even though a certain person is disliked in society, doesn’t mean that they should be treated a different way.

So, on this tax day, remember the commandment of the Lord our God:

“Love your neighbor as yourself

Until next time readers, God Bless!

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