Halloween.. Is It Ok For Christians?

Good evening readers! I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday evening. So, here in the United States, October 31st is Halloween. Kids go trick or treating, get candy, come home. Simple as that..They dress up in costumes that portray anything from tigers to hookers. Adults are doing it as well.

As a Christian I really don’t celebrate Halloween. I will dress up to participate in a work place contest, but I won’t call it a holiday. I really believe it is a holiday used to glorify the devil.

Parents don’t realize what this holiday is putting into their kids heads. They just think it is simple fun. If they really cared about their kids spiritual life, they wouldn’t let them dress so provocatively, or like demons, etc..

Why not take your child to a safe environment like a church Fall  Festival, or something like that. Shouldn’t we be nurturing good thoughts instead of bad..

This is my opinion. What is yours?

Until next time readers, God Bless!

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