Tech. Tuesday — Guitar Praise

Good morning readers! It is Tech. Tuesday! The other day, I got a xbox 360 elite from my wife as a college graduation present. It came with two games and I purchased NCAA College Football 2010. This last weekend I was thinking about video games and the old original Nintendo and the games I played as a kid. I remember Super Mario Bros. , Duck Hunt, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Donkey Kong, etc.. Those were really fun. I also remember one game that my friend had. It was a Christian game called BibleMan. We played it on a PC, but I used to think that was so odd.

Well I was in a Christian bookstore recently and saw another Christian video game. This time it was for both PC and Mac. With the popularity of the Guitar Hero games and RockĀ  Band, I think this was a good move. It is called Guitar Praise.

It features 50 songs from Christian rock artists like tobyMac, dcTalk, Hawk Nelson, and more! I only wish it could run on my new xbox. For more information about Guitar Praise, click here .

What do you think readers? Are Christian video games worth buying/playing?

Until next time readers, God Bless!

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